Creating a better future

This projects aims to create real and easier solutions to some critical problems that we face day by day in our system and society. Working in projects to help social and human development. Take a look to some of the ideas.


Solving complex problems

LEVEL1_BUILD_ A digital game to learn how we understand concepts and create our own way to set out ideas.


A tool to find out your weakness and virtues 

LEVEL2_SOUL_WASHING_ A tool to find out your weakness and virtues. Proposes self-knowledge as best option for knowing how to choose our future. Promote awareness of our own consciousness_to govern ourselves by universal laws.


What you really want to do with your life 

LEVEL3_ECOLOG_ Guided mentoring and business strategies to find our purpose in life to make us a productive person and full of vitality.


Produce with heart and soul 

LEVEL4_COL_ An open source tool to share and developing projects with social and sustainable impact.


We are the change the world dreamed 

LEVEL5_NEW!_ Unify under the same interests the major number of people to reclaim the improvements the society needs.


A new way to live together

LEVEL6_COM_ Proposes new way of organizations based on collaboration and respect for all living beings.


Do not trust all you have heard 

LEVEL7_#K_NOW_ Reviewing what really matters to teach or not to make a society with their own perspective.


Take a look to the basis of the platform


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