Proposes simplicity as a starting point_Conceptualization and research of generic as container of information.
Promote knowledge as the basis of our existence_Understood as a way of achieve living life enjoying more and suffering less.
Promotes the game and the potential of new technologies as tools for change.


Proposes self-knowledge as best option for knowing how to choose our future.
Promote awareness of our own consciousness_to govern ourselves by universal laws.


Proposes the recognition of personal dreams and wich desires are responding to, in order to assess the impact that will have on us and on everything else.
Promotes the pursuit of self-realization based on our essence.
Promotes to unificate under one symbol all those who dream the CHANGE.


Propose collective partnership as a new type of organization that allows us to observe the world from another perspective, resulting ultimately enriching to our awareness of the real world.
Proposes a new tool to value the projects to ensure the compliance of ethical values that must be acomplished.
Promotes a new approach to production, assuming the current contextual reality. Assessing the growth and development both capitalism and economic liberalism have offered since the industrial revolution until today.


Proposes self_rule as the only and true morality.
Reclaim enforce knowledge and development acquired so far for ensure life and human rights.
Demanding an efficient management system.
Calls for a real democracy that guarantees basic needs.
Calls for professionals and transparent governments.
Calls for a coherent world, critical and in constant evolution .
Promotes the union of all those whose reason told that should LIVE this change.


Proposes new way of organizations based on_
_collaboration and respect for all living beings.




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