After two months travelling coast to coast of Europe, I have learn to look with other eyes our cultures. Every country has its on DNA. It’s about an ancient perception of the humans beings from a particular area, due to history, influence, geographical situation, topography… and defines our virtues, our visions and decisions.
Maybe it is just that I have had too much time to think about some things and not many hours to waste thinking about some other things.
I feel so fortunate to have meet all this people during this days. They have tought me about their feelings and troubles, they allowed me to see how they see the world and how their people live and understand their reality.
Now I’m back home, but my mind is still riding, because I was suppose to be on the road.
I cannot miss this opportunity. NOW I have travelled to a GREAT LAND.
I spend the last days in Turkey, looking the vast extension of land of a new world for me. I did understand what means to be the door to OTHER CIVILIZATIONS. And I have understand what it means to be completely identificated with an idea of culture of your own country, like for exemple in Helas…and so on.
My home it is just in the other side.
This land has been the trampoline to the Americas, called the NEW WORLD.
We have been under the influence of Muslim culture during ages and not the same time in all regions.
We have fight against the Nordic invasions.
We have been a strategic point between the Pacific and the Mediterranian.
I have been thinking about this ideas because we are in trouble with this. Maybe we hadn’t understand that our BIG TROUBLE is OUR GREATEST VIRTUE.
Today I will begging to go around my land, based in BARCINO, this great and historical city, trying to show how PLURAL and RICH is this land. Every region has their own PERSPECTIVE and PERCEPTION of their REALITY.
I have friends that their families are from ARAGON, just in the WEST of CATALONIA, and sometimes you can feel they look things different than I do, because part of my family is from COGOLLOS DE GUADIX (a really small town in the SOUTH, near from GRANADA, in ANDALUCIA). But the most amazing thing it is that I have also friends that they are CATALANS and they feel just identified with this IDEA.
We have different languages around, different histories, different influences, different REALITIES.
Maybe it is just that I have been too many days out from home, and I missed it so much, or just that I have tried to LOVE and UNDERSTAND every centimeter of land I have crossed and NOW it is just something natural for me to do it in my own stadium.
We are in trouble with our own identity.
I think we have misaunderstood that is PRECISELY this MIXTURE  what make US so UNIQUE.
During BCN-DEL I have meet many people that has open their hearts, houses, cities or villages. They have share their experiences and take me to places that I should see and do things that I should taste.
Now I am trying to expose in this blog, the same that they did with me.
I’ve been living in Barcelona all my life, but I have friends in “Catalunya” that have taken me to “Girona”. I have spent my summers in “Cunit” and camp with friends in “L’Ametlla de Mar”. I did have a wife that her family was from “Aguaviva” and I travel a lot around. My roomate was from “Echo” situated in the “Pirineo Aragonés” and I have the opportunity to stay there in fall.
Just transmit and show MY EXPERIENCE.
Sometimes it’s not about the place, it is just how and who are you spending your time with.



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