#BWhatever, #B_WISHED



Pure and intimate human relations are those who look directly into the soul. That might be the reason why it can sometimes make us feel vulnerable, defenseless in its transparency. Even thought there is no other way to live it for real.
It’s well known that the most important and at the same time the most difficult thing to do is to remain open to this magnificent energy beam and allow to invade every millimeter of our body.
It should be understood first that this tendency to experience love at its highest expression it does not necessarily translate into bearing your heart in the palm of the hand and through it to the ground at the first possible shake. Filling it with dirt while rolling down the stairs. Might prevent you that unfortunately someone deliberately or unconsciously, in the worst case, hovers over without any consideration.
That’s why you should always keep your heart in your chest, where it really belongs. Precisely to avoid such experiences that may lead us wrongly believe that it is not worth keeping this attitude and lead us to take distance, building walls and wearing an armor to protect ourselves. That is not in any case how love was designed to be lived. With the heart in its place there’s no need to be afraid. Since those with whom you choose to share any of #THE_4_LOVE_S, must be previously be chosen with our own criteria. Then leave ourselves in hands of the experience in the most free way. That’s when the true potential between two individuals is manifested in its highest expression.
It is true that even in these cases rush and the unknown may have took us to make some decisions and after some time the answer is not what we expected in any case. We will have to be critical and learn from mistakes, being compassionate with ourselves and with others.



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