It has been so long since Dubrovnik. I did cross so many borders. And the weather wasn’t on my side this time.   People keeps helping me. Don’t think, act.  May could seem nothing…sometimes it is just a little chat… a detail, but that’s what helps me more. Keep seeing how blossom the light from nothing. Like Jasmin. Just taking a rest near his door and he offered me some hot coffee and a biscuit that will help me to get away from the storm.
Time for run and get hyde. dub_rain Lately it is being hard. So much rain every day and no couchsurfing request accepted means no cultural exchange. ..but also no shelter…no hot meal.
But I can say now I have a love power source from my country. I need them, if not l will probably  have to come back. But they have helped me to keep on this dream.
This are my grandparents.
They belong to another time. When the civil war and after. I usually think that is the reason they are so concerned about feed and make everybody have everything…because sometimes they didn’t have food enough or things that are so normal to us. Every generation gots their on stigma to fight against.  They starved and live in bad conditions sometimes (a generation made of steel). That’s why they help me now. I have no remunerated job/I have no money. But they know quite well why I am here. Fighting against our generational stigma called system. And they helped me in this days. They send me money because they can’t stand me seeing me loosing weight or staying in the street rainning during all a week. I know my limits.
I feel full of their LOVE.
May be it is a hard part of this trip now. Just feeling like a horse. With a further goal… eating, running fast and stay in the stable until next day. But I cannot complain at all. I feel lucky and full of strength and I do my best everyday to get proffit of this chance.
Thank you so much for the helping hand.
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I don’t know what happened here to me. I usually don’t think to live in other cities. But Rijeka has hooked me.
Irena is a young and beautiful woman who was the perfect guide for my first day here. She is also a perpetual student of the chemistry of humans beings. She is a nature lover who knows what her country needs. She taught me many things about croatian history and traditions. She is been a kind and lovely wellcoming to croatia.
Also I get really amused by the project her parents are developing in Mali Mlun, rebuilding a whole town.
Thank you so much…keep that warm and big heart beating.
Tajana (left) is also like a tourist here and her vision of Rijeka is contagious. She is from Zagreb but decided to stay here because she found a job in a non-proffit dance company. Tajana has the strenght of a panther and she pinch all knowledge like a delicious lobster. She also invited to her apartment to Jerome (an ambicious young man who want to hitchhick all around the world…we have promise each other to find ourselfs across croatia before we split directions. I know that is how it will be). We have been like home.
The other little lady in the photo is Tea, just one of the amazing people I have meet. She is like all of the rest of people I have found here…a funny and unbelivable person who is also rediscovering the city thanks to Tajana.
PARENTAL ADVISORY: mathematical genious going from A to B.
Nice to meet you King David, owner of the North.
Una is just one of the great ladies behind this great project I have the honour to participate.
It may seem just a little act…a party…a reunion…but it is spajalika (paperclip) that put together an amount of real and lovely concepts such as friendship, family, fun, culture, community…and protest against the unsense. Just putting some grass on the ground and a couple of sits this place has became all that and many more. I have spend a pleasent and funny time in Rijeka.
I do really bealieve in the potencial of this post industrial and post modernist city. Soon will became Berlin in the sea thanks to the effort and energy of this lovely young people in the resistence.
Also were time for enjoy a big party at night. Surrounded of more nice people as Sanja and BlackBro Damir…we could enjoy with great music and the  special featuring of the media guys of Rijeka (super eric burden karaoke version and dj. eros michael jackson
Thank you so much to all of you. I leave a bunch of great people and friends in Rijeka. See you soon.
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