I couldn’t believe I have arrived so far.
Greece is the brain of Europe.  It has represented the continent through time. It is the window to another civilization, to a new world.
Face to face with Turkey. Another door. A rollercoaster of big hills in the open. Toasted by the sun. With any shadow to get a rest. You cannot hyde here. Turkey shows your skills and defects. It makes you know as you are, whatever you are. It is the head of this never ending land to east, Asia.
I ride to Keşan (people stop me in the road…my beard and the colour of the skin make me feel like one more…till I open my mouth) and then ride to Tekirdag to meet Serpil.
She is brave. I think it is not easy to be a woman in some countries (just let it here). But she has guts!! She has hitchhicked through many countries alone and travel to many places. She explain me many things about muslim and turkish ideas, cooked me tasty food. She has a huge shelter full of books…woman of culture. But that’s nothing…the real importantant thing is,…I don’t know why…but mothers shine with another kind of light. And you can feel it for the first moment.  Serpil means blossom and it is a beautiful name, even she doesn’t like it.
It has been so nice to meet her and take a little piece of Turkey thanks to her.
Çok teşekkur ederim/muchas gracias
Istanbul is a monster of four heads! A beast of a hundred kilometres extension. You cannot just passed through. This city eats you like and olive!
I drive from Tekirdag to Beylikdüzü. It takes me all day, about 100/110km. It is a part of Istanbul, but 30km far away the center.
There I met Hakan. Who was so nice to let me stay in his house for that night, even he has no couch and we have to share bed…and fight for the space and blankets all nights! So fun.
We didn’t have much time to share, due he has to work and things to do early in the morning. Eventough he offers me to stay more nights…I just can say thanks man! Hope to meet again and have more time to spend together.
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