This never ending road has tought me many things about men, myself and overall about brotherhood. I have been a little fucked up this days. I can travel alone…I do like travel alone, but sometimes you need a helping hand. Someone who reminds that you are not alone in this world and even more important, it is everyman’s right feel the warm of other human beings. Thanks to Internet and mobil phones I can talk with friends and family but I need help here in the road. After leaving Zadar I went direction Sibenik knowing that this time…will be fine for a while (L.Cohen sings in my head). It begin to rain 30km before and I began to loose my faith. I stopped in a small village and a nice woman gave me an amount of chocolates. 20140527_170541 Then stopped the rain and I have more strenght.  That is how I arrived just in time…again. 20140527_201807 This bunch of Slovenian, call themself the 3th. Brigada Cyclista. They are rude people from the mountains. They drink, smoke and ride as BEARS.  I can promise you it was hard to me to try ride behind them to Split. DSC03364 They couched me when I need it most. I spend a great night drinking and singing the Olimpja hymn.   It was so great after many days alone in the road to have someone to share my time with.  DSC03369 Thanks!!  20140528_172216 I have been thinking that it might be amazing to make the Tour de France next year. I’m quite sure I can afford it and also I know who I will call to made team a (I think some of my friends in Barcelona will also like the idea). Perhaps it is just a dream, although I know quite well we will won some lap. And it is well known I don’t joke with my purest desires.  
FREE! 20140531_152041 I was having some rest near the road in this little part of Bosnia that I was crossing.  When Florynel passed infront of me. This nice Rumanian guy is living his dream and you can see that in his eyes and in his face. He is a free man with a free soul. We shared some food, cofee and little chat. And it was so fun to discover that he also passed a night with the Slovenian…drinking their magic  Homemade Energy_drink, talking about Air_Mails and another stuff. Maybe Florynel should be part of the Tour team!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
From Rijeka I did have a brother in many cities. 20140522_201720 Jerome has been the brother that I need it. We spent great time. We didn’t planned. Just know that we will find each other on the road. DSC03318 We find next day departing from Rijeka in Senj by chance or not.  20140530_072122 And then in Makarska were we meet after many kilometers without talking. I just know I have to be there.  We share our experiencies during the last days, but also laugh a lot and talk about many things. I’m still laughing of a poor teeneger in Makarska (how hard is to be/have been a young project of man). He wears a t-shirt praying: Sex, drugs and Rock&Roll. But it should clearly says: Masturbation, Soft_drink (not after 17h.) & TurboFolk. I should have one of this back in my younger days… 20140530_191032 We decided to meet again in Ploce.
A few weeks ago I though about what was the roll of man after supermarkets and easy open. The Slovenian guys remind what pure strengh is. As they said, in their village in the mountains, they passed half of the year cutting wood to get warm the house and the other half taking off the snow of every where. Perhaps men, we are just this…we don’t think why do we have to open that pot, we just open it. We are action, force, natural instinct, ancient brotherhood outside our houses while we are hunting our lights in the search of our new state of mind.
This time we haven’t been so lucky.  He did not arrived to our meeting point yesterday and I decided to leave direction Dubrovnik to reach Herzeg Novi today. It is been a pleasure. Jerome have BIG BALLS even he doesn’t think too much about it. He just act, like real men do.
See you soon King Lizard.
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