DSC03431 At least reached Montenegro. I was a little bit scared about what can I find here. When you take a quick look to the map. There are big mountains wherever you look. The rain keep following me. Just arrive to Herceg Novi and didn’t leave it behind till I get the ferry. Might say quite impressive bay. All my fears became true when I have to climb the first hill before Budva…and it will be like this during many kilometers.  But a miracle happened. 20140603_144618 This nice professional couchsurfer stopped his car infront of me just a few km from Budva (few km, and I have to stop for rest) and ask me if I wanna him to drive to Ulcinj. It made me the happiest man on Earth. Definitely it would have been a nightmare  every meter under the hot sun. I was so glad also to know someone of Montenegro before leave. And I discovered what it has been the same song in each country, even worst. In this particular case this young fireman it hasn’t been paid for the last 6months. Now he is trying to open his own hostel. He works his lands and try everything is in his hands to survive. I told before the situation is worst due to nobody take cares of Ulcinj (wrong political decisions..again). In every place I stay people talk about the same stillness and handcuffed situation. It is so sad. People like him never give up, never loose his sense of humor and his light or love for everything and the others. But I think we could be fighters…but not silly. This kilometres are yours. Thanks man!
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