I was in San Stino de Livenza just relaxing my legs after a lot of km when this couple asked if I was all ok…of course it didn’t seem to be. I was so tired. We begin to talk and soon come Giovanni (Juan) and offers me a sandwich and one of my favourite beer that taste like heaven. This kind of things give me strengh everyday. I don’t know anyone in my way, but they treat me like and equal. That’s what we really are.
Yesterday I left behind Italy. It is been so amazing that I felt a bit sad. I know each step will give a new experience, but I have been so comfortable that sometimes I wondered that will be great to stay a week, a month or a life with this good people. Italy gives and it’s family, friendship, warm and culture. It is an ancient imperium of knowledge. Always building and rewriting through time and history. Italy maybe it is been waiting asleep, but soon will be rised and put theirself in the place it belongs. This good people really diserved.
I crossed Slovenia to get from Trieste to Rijecha. It is been a the hardest day of bike. I get lost several times, got to cross through a path in the forest to find the right way and the big hills seemed to never end…but I get so impressed of all this green valleys and nature that I don’t even think too much about it. I just ride with my eyes wide open.
This german young man has became a heroe to me. I found him near the frontier of Croatia. He’s been in the road for three months walking from Hamburg in his way to Armenia. We shared some water (he was running out) and some biscuits. I felt like something is changing. Like people is following their paths to reach another state and I beging to think that maybe that’s what we are here.
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B.B. (Brilliant Brains)

Milad (right) and Sina are two really amazing iranian neuroscientists that allowed me to stay at their home. They have been so kind and funny from the first moment that I really think about stay one day more. But I know and feel today will be my last day in Italy.
They are also totally diferent kind of persons…and its been two experiencies in one.
Sina wants to play guitar together, once I told I know some songs (even my hands are week lately for being in the byke)…but we played Pink Floyd, U2, Doors. And it is being great because I didn’t played for long time. He is the iranian Jim Morrison.
And Milad wanted to talk about the game I try to develope for the non-proffit platform I’m trying to promote and ask some questions about my actual trip. He also tell me many things about his job as neuroscientist. He works with childs and how they recieve the information. Rachid from Perpignan told me in muslim culture children are considered a “white page” I love that concept and how important is to give a good and crytical point of view to them.
Also I did have the pleasure of know a little bit more about Iranian culture and a pruposing route to do when I arrive there.
Keep both being so interesting and funny.
Thank you so much.
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20140519_084753 I met Laura Cavaliere thanks to Couchsurfing. I get in touch with her and even she adviced me she was so busy that day, she recieved me. But she completely forgot about that I was supose to get there, probably due to she spent all sunday (her free day) cooking for more than 50 teenegers (it is well know, how hard might be to control all that hound…we’ve been on that side too). She was helping in a non profit project. She didn’t mind about it and we met at 22h. We talked while she was doing laundry. I could read in her eyes how tired she was. But quickly she shows me the house, talking about Monselice, her amazing life working by herself as psychologist with and/for children with autism…suddenly she asked me if I have eaten and takes me to his boyfriend house near hers. 20140519_090444 This nice and peaceful guy (and his roomate) opened his doors to give me pasta for dinner and a big plate for next day…that I will really needed to arrive to Portogruaro (thanks). When I realized I was back to hers and about to sleep. Laura doesn’t have a heart…she gots a 16v 210horse power engine that gives her the courage and strengh in every move. You could feel her energy. Thank you so much. I also thinked that night about the classical italian mother or housewife. And then I realized, it is not just for italian movies. Woman got it written in their DNA. They have been keeping the order of much houses/caves during many years. They have always the guts and energy to do next step for having their family or their houses under control.
I slept laughing with the idea…what special skills men have?…we’ve been hunting…and we are useful for open pots…it is so fun to think in wich position we are after supermarkets and easy open era.
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20140518_001821 I’ve been so lucky to meet Luca. Again its been a random situation that brought me to Legnago. This nice city its full of amazing creative people, who knows perfectly the meaning of friendship and fun. It doesn’t matter where you are, it matters how you spend your time with. 20140518_123544Marta and Bombo are a really nice couple, purely from Legnago.  Luca take me for walk and everytime he did we crossed them in our path… for people who lives in small cities or towns might be annoying that everybody knows almost everybody, but I feel it and see it as a closer way of living. 20140518_145203 Brunella & Luca (her treasure) made me a space in their nice home, but it is not been just a matter of space. Brunella it’s a fabulous openminded mother who has treat me as a relative. She offered to wash my clothes (I seriously begin to need it…cats followed me), she shows me the spanish music Luca brought her and that gives full battery charge at morning, we talked about calcio, politicals and italian culture even she talked me in italian and I did answer in spanish. Thank you so much. And then Luca as I said…I’ve been so lucky to meet him. Not just for the obviouss wellcoming. Also because he is been living for long time in Córdoba and he knows perfectly what it means Al-Andalus. Everyday I feel a bit further away from barcelona…catalunya…spain, but I have been in a “cortijo” in Legnago. We are all tourists but we all have a small piece of land we called HOME. Thank you so much for this pleasent week end.
Se encuentran dos andaluces en Italia…y le dice el uno al otro.
-¿Qué hase?
-Yo na…aqui más colgao que un jamón yendo pa’Córdoba. ¿Y tú donde va con tanta cosa..?
 -Pa la India…Y tú…¿cómo va pa’Córdoba?
-Yo hecho…y to’pa’lante. ¿Y tú pa’la India?
-Yo…de puta madre compai…
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20140516_072302 This is Massimo.  I have been very lucky. Even he got things to do, got to work early at next morning and I did changed my plans and arrived several days late, he let me stay alone at his place…with fully fridge and food to eat. He’s been so kind that I just can say thank you so much. 20140516_215009 I was supose to leave Cremona that same day, but I did have request Mina to couch me days before, we talked at last moment and I decided to take a day of rest in Cremona, city of violins. And I take it very seriously…she also got to go to work and let me her keys too… I did have the house all day for me. After have been almost 3 weeks on the street, seeing villages, crossing cities or being in the forest, I did spend all day like in my own apartment. Its been deleteful even all the fatigue come slowly and invaded me at the end of the day. I really need that, its been a kind of restart. I just share a few hours with Mina. This woman from Voghera, has lived in many cities here in Italia. She’s really brave, she’s got “balls”…big “pelotas” (let me say that). When she told me what she is working on now, I did get completely freeze. She works in a medical center, helping and trying to improve the life of people with mental problems. The thing is this center its like the last one, last step, where people who came in might not ever go out again. People with real mental illness. I don’t know if I could be able to do a thing like that…and have the strenght to go everyday to work. I think it should be so heavy. Thats why I admire her so much. People like her are the real heroes of the time.
She is also ending her tesis of antropology. It’s been a pity we could not have more time to share together. She’s for sure a very interesting woman, the huge collection of books in her apartment told me so. It will have been for sure very enriching experiencie sharing some days more with her, but she’s leaving too on trip for research to Armenia. Maybe another time. Thank you so much for open your house and heart.
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What I could say about this place. Maybe these days, like the ones that I spend here, made the 1000km worth it. If I’ve never made the decision to made this trip, I will never have had the opportunity to be included as one more inside a real italian family. For this time I have had a brother, a sister, I’ve celebrated the 30th marriaged anniversary of a parents (tanti auguri) and even have had a Nona (a great and old italian style grandmother).
This days have remembered me why I’m here.  I don’t even have a real route made it. I just let the things happen, let the luck take me where it should take me…if not, probably I will never have visited Voghera (this rich land full of amazing places where time seem to do not pass), I will never met Gabriele (greatest guide ever, full of energy and strenght to fight against whatever it have infront) and his lovely and BIG HEARTED family.  I’m here for many reasons, but overall for enjoy every second and each step wherever it takes me.
I feel I will always have a family in Voghera.
Grazie mille.20140514_210250
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It’s so amazing what time could let us do and know. I was sitting near the beach in Albissola marina, just having a little rest before beging my route to Genova. When appeared Ricardo. We begin talking a little bit, but the conversation turns to 3 hours of amazing share of points of view. We agreed in so many things. Many people are just sick of this corrupted and archaic system and we have to fight all together in the same direction to find the real freedom.
I learn many things that morning of this young political scientist who was on his way back home, hitchhicking from Croatia where he has been working in Rainbow Gathering.
I was on my bike in Busalla, looking for the right direction to Voghera and I find Umberto.  Inmediately we begin to talk and this noble hearted man offers me a capuccino and a foccaccia (wich I never drawned before in a coffee, but I did learn from him and it was tasty).
Sometimes our world begin to get more tiny, seems to take all the air and don’t allow us breathing.
He was just thinking about doing a trip alone by byke from Busalla to Santiago or whatever. But he wasn’t sure due to his job, or going alone. The thing is when I told him I was trying to reach India his eyes get illuminated. Maybe is my ego talking but I feel so glad if I could just influenced one person in all may trip to make decisions, to take action.
Thank you so much for this great moments shared together…as he tought me…
Non abbiate fretta e io non sono pazzo.
piano piano

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I did slept where Michail told me, but I did slept very bad (even the morning was great in his atelier) I think to much about many things during the route that day.
The night was bad, because I preffer to sleep in the forest. I’m not afraid to animals, but I do have many respect to humans. Sometimes scary behaviour. I begin to think about how many people are in this situation and may no have a way out (without roof, food…everyday). Then I arrived to Monaco and my guts turn  upside down. The only word that came to my mind is: CRUELTY.
Finally I arrived to Italia. Was great to change the air. It was cloudy but the shiny colours of the houses, the flowers and the unwritten italian code of behaviour made me feel in the past times (not so far).
I didn’t find a Couch but I slept near the beach where autocaravan could park. In a saver place this time. I’ve been awaken by the birds this morning feeling it would be a great day.
I’ve been on the road all day. I don’t know how many beautiful villages I’ve crossed. This SS1 is amazing. Someday I hope to spend more time round here…Liguria, so nice.
But also this laps make me feel a little bit isolated with my toughs, too many hours. That’s why when you get lost and you ask, you’re more open to hear and talk. That’s why it’s so grateful when you share 5 minuts of your life with somebody like you meet him from hours.
The way it’s been rude and long. But in Savona I found Luca Negro. Father and man of world, he didn’t doubt a second to pick me up even was late. Took me to his great house in the mountain and even he needed to be soon at work we talk till late. Hope to could spend much time with this interesting artist.
Like home again.
Thank you very much!
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