I leave Ofriniou beach full of energy again. With the feeling that only the law or the things that just happen could stop me.
Sometimes is a matter of trust/faith and is always in the brain. Everybody could do what I am doing, faster or slowly, taking more time in every lap, less or more km…I’m pretty sure, but it is all in the mind. Now I’m back.
It began to rain like crazy and I stopped in one of the multiple Kantinas you can find on the road. The people who was relaxing on the beach try to go away quickly.
There were this guys. Stucked with their car in the mood in the middle of a hill. They weren’t able to take it off, so I offered myself to help. We pushed the car and it moves…and that’s the funny thing…I didn’t do anything, but all three believe the car will move.
After we spend sometime talking and they invite me to a coffee. They were also from Serres, like Ritza and George…many people from there. Maybe it is a signal..I have to go one day.
So great this last days. I definitely have recovered myself. I did my record of km this day…I crossed Kavala and all the coast direction Komotini. There will be George waiting for me. The guys from Thessaloniki give me his contact and it couldn’t be better.
I like playmakers and his a good one. Playmakers are hard in mind, are the heart and brain of the team and overall they are not affraid to get smashed down a big tower when they have to go straight to the goal.
That is the secret to succeed.  Be a playmaker.
This days in Komotini are being like a holiday…a good weekend.  Good company, some party, good food, some reagee…and even played basketball after many years. I needed. Just enjoy a bit the trip with amazing people like George and his friends. I didn’t even mind to be Manolo ( for a couple of days.
Greek people love to argue…but George reminde something: You cannot argue with the truth.
See you soon.
These were my last days in Greece. It has been hard, because here in this islands there are mermaids singing for you…asking you to stay.
You should be crazy or maybe something wrong in your head if you don’t like Greece.
I have survived. I am full of energy again. I did realized the worst has allready passed…
I feel again the power that make me move…
I feel again that mixture of fear and excitement that brings the unknown.
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I stayed in Veria for one night. A guy told me about some free concerts, so I went there and enjoy of pure alternative rock music.
I went to a Bazooka concert in Barcelona a year ago. And the bands that played were a kind of, amazing drummers and a lot of noise.
Here in greece everyone has something to say and express…I like the concept of individuality in the air. You have to know if you want to argue and defend yourself (everyone counts).
The next morning I ride to Thessaloniki…were begins my slow way down to hell. I didn’t notice at all, but arriving to there I have the first signals…first knockout!
I stayed many ours under the sun and my head begins to go away when I get the wheel bump again. After repair it in the shadow, I get recovered and I finally get to Salonica, where I met a bunch of nice guys (also cyclers) who treat me as one more. I spent a really nice time with them…even to much! Because Greece is just in the other side of Spain. It is hardly the same. I began to feel like in home…
I stayed in Thanos house and we talked about many cultural stuff and we enjoy music like I used to do back in the days. Told me about many new bands and writers. He plays guitar and was about to finish his engineering career (big brain). I think he is like a little creative bomb…
As I said everyone of this guys are a world themselfs…Dimitris, Thanos, John and Giannis. I like that…
Thanks for adopting me as one more.   Thanks to Giannis and his couchsurfing profile…Now I know everybody is malákas.
I leave with calm Thessaloniki…but the relax of the last days discovered all the effort done from the first day…my legs didn’t work properly. And what it was worst…my head begin to think maybe that’s been too much…and for first time, I thought to come back… 
I decided to take it easy. Try to pass the wall. I’ve just realized where I was. Too far from my destiny, too far from home. I was completely stucked.
I said to myself at least try to arrive Turkey, and that’s what I did. Don’t think, just ride a bit everyday. Thanks to my family and my people in Bcn I could find the energy to find myself again.
And I had the luck to get in contact with Ritza (Eleutheria) and George.
They wait for me in Ofriniou Beach. They have been my oasis this days. I arrive there as a couchsurfer but I leave as a friend. I ate real Greek food, went to the beach, and to the archeologycal museum of Amfipoli, learn some Elenica (or tried), dance traditional Greek dances and drink Oyzo. I cooked a “Tortilla de patatas”-potatoe omelette (not an expert, but not bad) and made “Pa amb tomàquet”-not just bread and tomato.
They make me forget about my problems and focused again in what is really important…enjoy this trip called life. #B_PRESENT _LIFE_IS_EVERY_BREATH.
In memoriam:
My grandfather passed away the 21th. of June.  I knew before leaving I won’t see him anymore.
He tought me to live my life with my own rules, as he always did.
Now we all remind him as a free and unique person.
Cayetano is not just a name, it’s a way of life.
Rest in peace.
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Maybe too many days on the road or many kilometers and during the last days I have paid for them. I’ve been literally k.o. First it was the byke, later my legs and then my brain.
I entered Greece from Albania, direction Kastoria with the idea of change the wheel.
Many people helped me. As I though. Greek people are mostly like spanish (will be a problem with the time).
The man on the right invited me to breakfast. And the owner, arranged the radius for free…but it wasn’t safe to keep like this. So there was no other chance. I have to change all the wheel. But the luck wasn’t on my side and after many effort we didn’t find a wheel that works with the byke. A guy passed nearby and get interested.  That’s is how I ended in another shop just hoping to find a solution and could keep on.
At least after many hours and a big headache we find a new wheel thanks to these guys.
I learnt in Kastoria that if you have a problem, greek people will heIp to you to solve it (although, they will argue for a proper solution first).
That day I have the first signal that I needed some rest…my legs were aching.
When I finally arrenged the byke I ride to Kozani…no more mountains for some km.
I stopped for a while for eat something when casuality bring Kristakis to there. I met him in Kastoria…and after a brief talking he offers me to go by car to Veria (free ride=magic).
I get amused by all the information he gives me just in this time. But I noticed what real Greek people are: They are a big brain proud of their culture. And I also lernt something important he said to me…greek politicians…should not be called greek. Because a real Greek will find a solution for their country.
I begin to think the excuse of money has allowed the system to smash not just the people, ancient cultures too.
Maybe it is time to say, enough.
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