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I departed the August, 7th direction Aguaviva.


First of all my grandpartents have a house in Cunit and I did haven’t seen my grondmother since I came back, so I supose I will have to begin from there. There is a lot of work to do, but this place it is amazing, it means came back to the origin for me. My grandpa prepare it for us and now the land it is fertile and you can easily take vegetable and fruits from the trees. You have also a lot of mountain and wood around. I have spent all my childhood summer vacation there. Living like a savage. It has change a lot, but for me it is a great place. It is my second home even it is not Miami Beach.
Nearby this villages there is a lot of things to explore, but one of the nicer ones is Mare de Déu de la Roca.


During the passed years I went with some friends to camp to L’Ametlla de Mar. I begin to apreciate nature there. Just make some fire and eat some grilled fish. It is a really nice place to discover. There is a path nearby the sea that you could walk and find some spots to enjoy the sea and freedom. Even it is not a desert island…just say hello if we find there sometime. The “Delta de l’Ebre” is a big nature park with a big varieaty of fauna and flora. If you like birds, you should go there.


Then I will ride direction Teruel. I want to arrive to Aguaviva. Not many people know about this place. But I did recieve a lot from there. That’s why I didn’t doubt for a second where I will go first in this new experience. As in many places nowadays there are small groups of people fighting for their own things. Trying to face big troubles with small voices. This is a platform fighting for not to destroy one of the things that make richer this area, its river.
Maybe it is seem it is not my trouble anymore, but during many years I thought I will spend there many time and I did spend sometime going round. That’s why I will try to show some of this nice spots. Just as the people who let me know about this place did and maybe at the same time make people notice of NOT RESPECTFUL SITUATION.






Just a common spot in the “Costa Daurada”. It is a crowded part of the coast. People come to Cunit just to relax. You cannot get nervous here. Your moves become slower. You should eat, go to the beach and relax. If you are not that kind, you should think twice to come. People come with their families to spend time together. But if you are the kind of people who like to move, you will find forests to ride with byke or walking and many nature around.




Cunit platja20140804_100950


Castell de Tamarit
From Ermita de Sant Antoni-Albinyana
Parc del Garraf


There are many places to choose here. I use to eat at home here, that is why I cannot give many names.
You should taste some “paella” or “fideuà”. L’Arrosseria is always a great (expensive) place to eat.
At night people use to go nearby the sea to eat an ice cream or a crepes.


If you need action, maybe you can try to get a byke (you can go by road or inside the mountain-wikilok will help you). Just choose any route and enjoy it.
“Embassament de Foix”
Natural pits routes_
Castell de Tamarit
It is hardly recommended to get a train to Calafell (just few km further from cunit) during the 2nd week of September: HIGHROCKABILLY_
Every June, there’s a great music festival near by in Vilanova i la Geltru.
CYou also will find in Vilanova many concerts and live music bars.
You can take a look to the BTT and Bicycle touring in my profile_ donnyBacon

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20140807_122952Mont-Roig del camp 20140807_132938 Ermita Mare de Déu de la Roca
20140807_184722Port Olivet
20140808_073330Serres de Cardó el Boix 20140808_093412Parc Natural Els Ports


There are many options in the town. In low season we used to buy some fresh fish and cooked in a grill made carefully with stones nearby the water. Sometimes we just buy some “Pollo a l’ast” (grilled chicken) and take it to the beach…all taste better. But if you have got money you will find here great fish and amazing sea food.


It is a good place for fishing. And it is not the Caribean, but it is crowded of different kind of fish and octopuses in the rocks. Once I saw a woman catching like 4 or 5 in an hour. There’s a GR that takes you through a lot of bitches. Great places.There’s also a bunker of the Civil War times (just for curiosity). If you like sea and nature, you will love this place for sure. I do.

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800px-Bandera_de_Aguaviva.svg This small village situated in the “Maestrazgo” it is just an example of this beautiful land called Teruel. People used to say “Teruel exists”, because during many time it’s been isolated without train and highways.  But I think it made this country pure. It is full of nature and great spots to enjoy. Just let it flow.



20140809_124131 Embalse de Calanda 20140809_201906 Río Bergantes-Cananillas


Parque Cultural del Maestrazgo
20140809_151634 Aguaviva


The food here is excellent.  The lamb it’s tasty. You can buy all the meat you can imagine in the small supermarket in the village. If you like sausage you may try this with sinnamon flavour, they are amazing. If you like sweet you should taste “Coquetas”, they are made in the village nearby and they are great…not for diabetic people.


It is great to come in Fest time. All people take coloured sawdust to paint all streets. Then will come the band playing and you will be taken to another time, back in the years. Amazing experience.
You can visit many places from Aguaviva:
You can see this small village from far away. Situated on a top of a hill, showing the typical brown roofs and houses. Take a walk and if you are lucky you may here “Jotas” (traditional Aragones music and dancing).
Alcañiz (ni conejo, ni perdiz)
It is the main city in this area. You can find everything here. It is a lovely city with an historical center and a castle converted to a “Parador”, so nice. There are many options for eating. In plaza España you will find many places, just choose the crowded one.
If you are interested in motorcycle, from some years ago it is celebrate here a new Grand Prix.
This You can see the new town build just beside the old one. Completely destroyed during the Civil War. This were land of Makis (current people fighting against the Nationals). I think it is interesting to see the damaged done in this area.
Everybody should know this village for three BIG reasons: 1st. Here was born Buñuel. You may want to visit the museum. 2nd. On Holidays it is played “Los Tambores de Calanda” (drums) during 24h. non-stop. People from everywhere come to see and hear it. Unbelivable. It is a must. 3rd. They have got the best peaches. Each one it is put inside a bag to protect it during its growing. Should taste them.
La Balma
I never get tired to see this incredible church made inside the stone of a mountain. There is also a good restaurant there.
You should visit:
Mirambel (Ken Loach filmed “Land and Freedom” here).


This is an article of a magazine written in this particular evolution of language that make this place so unique.

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