Working for your personal development

Walking the path to know our weaknesses and virtues help us living without fear and build the future that we have always dreamed.


Talking about a problem may be the first step to solve it

#MENTOR_IN_ This is a personal service to those who are looking forward to know what is happening in their life, dig a bit more thru your spiritual growth or try to figure out what to do with your career. It is simple as having a tea if you are nearby Barcelona or by skype if you are far from here. During this time we will discuss and try some useful technics that will help you to find the path and have complete support during the process. I am not any master-certified-expert, but I know how to solve problems talking heart to heart. Find out which plan suits you better and begin today to make real decisions in your life.


This is your ideal plan if you just want to solve an small issue or want to test my capabilities first before take a bigger program. A quick helping hand to put in order some first ideas in 5 hours.


Try this extended program if you already know there’s something that’s not really working and you want to make some real adjustments in your life. Schedule the appointments as you need in time. Begin to live from your essence with this just 10 hours experience.



 Visualize your next step to success

#BUSSINESS_STRATEGY_ During the evolution of business we usually face with different states defined by the phase of the project and/or the people we are working with or even by ourselves. Set and appointment today and begin to anticipate to the situations, developing your crazy ideas, empathize with the needs of your clients and/or understand the feelings of the human team behind the project. Contact me to know more about the services and benefits.


A quick helping hand to put in order some first ideas in 5 hours.


Begin to live from your essence with just this 10 hours experience.



Ask me now for a personal plan


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