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_Supramental yoga
_stipulated by Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa (commonly referred to as the mother). Many of its philosophical concepts and practices are found in the books written by Aurobindo The Synthesis of yoga & The Life Divine, other writings of Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa present the concept of Integral Yoga.
Integral yoga finds Evolution to be one of the prime factors in Physical cosmology, He finds man being a transitional being has not reached the pinnacle of evolution, finds that consciousness has continuously evolved out of matter and is still evolving out of man a universal being. Human mind currently being pinnacle of evolution is divisive in nature needed for present work to be done, he gives an example of concentrated work, when one is concentrated in finishing a work, his awareness is shortened to the work itself and would not go beyond, often leading to divisive knowledge and errors in understanding of the entirety. He suggests through introspection and going beyond the surface awareness it is possible to be work oneself to be a universal being, where in consciousness would be identifying itself with all the objects in outer world and would see no difference between it and universe.
Unlike other Yoga practices Integral yoga does not propose any kind of physical asanas, breathing techniques or external movements and is more psychological in nature. In his book records on yoga (a collection of his personal diary notes) Aurobindo suggests a grand program which came to him called sapta chatushtaya (seven quadrates) which would parallely rise ones


The aim of integral yoga_

Integral development_
Spiritual realisation of God_Transcendence_Enlightenment, and, through this, a complete change and transformation of both the inner and the outer nature. Through this double action, one is thus made able and fit to manifest a divine consciousness, and in this way becomes part of a divine work.


The Realisation of Supermind_
Sri Aurobindo considered man’s present mental consciousness to be a transitional stage in terrestrial evolution, and that our civilization is at the brink of an evolutionary leap or shift towards a greater or ‘supramental‘ experience and capacity. 
Sri Aurobindo considered the supermind to be an all-organizing and all-coordinating principle of truth-consciousness secretly involved in the material creation and he saw its emergence as the next logical and inevitable step in terrestrial evolution.


The Intermediate zone_
The Intermediate zone refers to a dangerous and misleading transitional spiritual and pseudospiritual region between the ordinary consciousness of the outer being and true spiritual realisation.


Components of the integral yoga_
The cosmos is described in terms of two major types of distinctions or dimensions
_an ascending dimension of physical, vital, mental, and higher, transpersonal realms.
_the series of Outer being, the Inner being, and the inmost Psychic being
_Outer, Inner, and Innermost Being form a “concentric” sequence or hierarchy, which is a counterpart to the “vertical” hierarchy of Physical, Vital, and Mental. All these faculties and levels have to be transformed through integral yoga.
Like all the faculties of the being, and in contrast to the ascetic yogas, the Physical in all its aspects is not rejected, but has to be transformed and spiritualised through the practice of integral yoga. This means it is necessary not only to change Physical habits and consciousness, but also to descend into the Subconscient or Lower Unconscious, where the root of many problems lie.
Refers not only to the life force but even more so to the various desires, emotions, compulsions, and likes and dislikes that strongly determine human motivation and action. In Integral yoga it is necessary to change the vital’s striving away from self-centered desires and revolts, to make it an instrument for the yoga.
The Mental faculty or part of the being, is the conceptual and cognitive mind. Through right attitude, understanding, and aspiration, the mind can be turned to the Divine


Types of being_concentric_divisions_
The Outer Being_
_refers to the superficial and limited physical, vital and mental surface existence which characterises our everyday consciousness and experience. Integral Yoga involves going beyond this surface consciousness to the larger life of the Inner Being, which is more open to spiritual realisation.
The Inner Being_
Includes the inner realms or aspects of the physical, vital and mental being, which here have a larger, subtler, freer consciousness than that of the everyday consciousness, and its realisation is essential for any higher spiritual realisation.
Psychic Being_
In Integral Yoga the goal is to move inward and discover the Psychic Being, which then can bring about a transformation of the outer nature. This transformation of the outer being or ego by the Psychic is called Psychicisation; it is one of the three necessary stages, called the Triple transformation, in the realisation of the Supramental consciousness.This Psychic transformation is the decisive movement that enables a never-ending progress in life through the power of connecting to one’s inner spirit or Divine Essence.


Triple Transformation_


The other major topic in Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga is the Triple transformation. This refers to the process through which reality is transformed into the divine. This is described in The Life Divine part 2, ch.25, and Letters on Yoga part 4, section 1.
The Triple Transformation refers to the two-fold movement of spiritual transformation – the inward pychicisation by which the sadhak gets in contact with the inner divine principle or Psychic Being, and the spiritual transformation or spiritualisation.
The former represents the Inner Guide which is realised through the Heart, the latter can be compared to the traditional concept of Vedantic, Buddhist and popular guru Enlightenment and the descriptions of the Causal and Ultimate stages of spiritual development in the evolutionary philosophy of the integral thinker Ken Wilber.
For Sri Aurobindo, both these stages are equally necessary and important, as both serve as necessary prerequisites for the third and by far the most difficult element of change in the triple transformation, the Supramentalisation of the entire being.
Is one of the most essential stages of the integral yoga. As described in The Life Divine (book II – chapter 25) it refers to a spiritual movement inward, so that one realises the psychic being – the psychic personality or Divine Soul – in the core of one’s being, and enable this to transform the outer being, as well as serve as a spiritual Guide in the yoga.
It is thanks to this Psychic transformation that the sadhak can avoid the pitfalls of the spiritual path, such as the intermediate zone.
The three central spiritual methods here are Consecration, Moving to the Depths (Concentration), and Surrender.
Consecration is to open to the Force before engaging in an activity.
Moving to the Depths (or Concentration) is a movement away from the surface existence to a deeper existence within.
Surrender means offering all one’s work, one’s life to the Divine Force and Intent.
In connecting with the evolving divine soul within, the sadhak moves away from ego, ignorance, finiteness, and the limitations of the outer being
Psychicisation can serve as a prequel to spiritualisation (equivalent to “Enlightenment”), although they do not have to follow any sort of order. However, both the psychic and the spiritual transformation are equally necessary for the final stage of Supramental transformation.
As a result of the Psychic transformation, light, peace, power is drawn into and descends into the body, transforming all of its parts — physical, vital, and mental. This is the Spiritual transformation, or Spiritualisation, which refers to the bringing down of the larger spiritual consciousness or spiritual transformation.
The spiritual transformation in itself however is not sufficient to avoid pitfalls of the spiritual path, or bring about Supramentalisation. For that, the psychic transformation is needed as well.
Supramentalisation is the ultimate stage in the integral yoga. It refers to the bringing down of the Supramental consciousness, and the resulting transformation of the entire being.
The supramental transformation is the final stage in the integral yoga, enabling the birth of a new individual fully formed by the supramental power. Such individuals would be the forerunners of a new truth-consciousness based supra-humanity. All aspects of division and ignorance of consciousness at the vital and mental levels would be overcome, replaced with a unity of consciousness at every plane, and even the physical body transformed and divinised. A new supramental species would then emerge, living a supramental, gnostic, divine life on earth.
_in Sri Aurobindo‘s philosophy, refers to the infinite unitary truth-consciousness or truth-idea simultaneously transcendent and immanent to planes of matter, life, and mind. Supermind is the dynamic form of satcitananda (being-consciousness-bliss), and the necessary conduit, mediator or linkage between satcitananda and the manifest creation.
The Omega Point is the purported maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which some theorize the universe is evolving.


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