Define the way to guarantee the benefits on your project


Determine the resources needed to develop your project and the time to return to the balance point

Do your project needs resources to begin? Will you need a perodic amount of invest? When will you return it?
How many products and/or services will you be able to offer each month? Will increase during the next year? When will you arrive to the balance point?
What are the fixed structure of your project? And the variable? Could you reduce any of them while offering the same or better product and/or service?
How will you omptimize your benefits? What average respect the costs have your products and/or services?


Define strategies that helps you to achieve your goals

Could you improve your benefits by creating an strategy for your prices?
Do you know who are the users of your product and/or services? Do you focus your resources on impact on them? Do you know how effective are your strategies?
Do you prepare your aproaching to your customers? Are you an expert of your product and/or service?


A model of enterprise for the benefit of people

Improve the efficiency of your project by letting a part of the benefits to the people involved in the project. Ensure a basic income for those working.
Create a clear environment will help the project to have a richer perspective.
Define a frame to allow the personal and labor development of the people involved in the project..

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