Watching the hole spectrum helps to achieve the objectives


Is not just about analytics and reason, there is intuition and feelings too.
A> #PROJECT_ION_ Take all your knowledge, failures and experiences in a fruitful frame and design the solutions, connections and collaborations to make your idea work. On contrary, it will be just an idea.
B> #OBJECTIVE_S_ Setting goals is not easy. Definetely you may create expectation that could lead to a disappointment. In the other hand if you do not put the flag to mark the direction and begin to move, nothing will happen. With time you will learn to be more accurate and became smoother.
J> #INNOVATE_ION_ Win the competetion without trying to defeat it, offering products or services with less costs for the company and much more value for the user.
L> #IMPACT_ Offering ecological and fairtrade products and/or services gives more value to your products and/or services. Get ahead to this tendency that is coming to stay.
E> #ORGANIZATE_ION_ If you are able to visualize each part of the process to reach the final goal of giving what you have promised to the user, you will be able not only to detect what is working or not, but to improve and make the process more effective and efficient.
I> #PLAN_IN_  There’s an equilibrium between overthinking each step and moving without a clear and mesurable objective. Find the way to define with head your steps looking forward the next action.
M> #ACT_ION_ Determine each of the parts of your project and be prepared to take the decisions needed to ensure its durability in time.
G> #PROFIT_ABLE_ If your project does not have profits, the 97% of the people won’t believe in your idea. Wake up, this is reality.
H> #TARGET_IN_ If you know your product and/or service it will be easy to identify and offer it to the people who really want them. We live in a globalized and with too much information if you are not clear, direct and focus probably you will not achive your goals.
C> #DETERMINATE_ION_ Taking decisions it is part of this process. It’s hard beacuse you never know exactly what would happen in the future. As more information you have, less risked will be your steps. Remember that you are not alone, share responsabilities and opinions.
N> #PITCH_ If you have prepared correctly each step of your project, should be easy to explain it in a comfortable and understanding way. People should be amazed about your idea. If still have weak points, you will notice it. Work on it.
D> #EXECUTE_ION_ Detect all the possible obstacles to run the strategy defined and work to solve them. It is time to put the engine on and nothing should malfunction the process.
#F_COOPERATE_ION_ Create a convincing and valueble proposition that maximizes benefits and empowers the team that develops it.
#B_OPEN_ It is not just about bussiness, it also abut emotions and human beings. Hear the needs and fears of your team, help them and improve the productivity and happiness level inside your project.