Know what exactly offer your project


Active participation in the decisions, not only will improve the project, but will unifiy the values and compromise.
Improving the knowledge and preparation of the team will give more tools and solutions to the project. Letting people find a balance between working and their lifes will help to have a happier team and a better environment.
Be aware and improve women rol inside the project by having a gender perspective and equalitary policy.
Taking care about the job conditions of the team and know with detail the real job conditions that your suppliers have. Working with certified enterprises may be a solution.
Let everybody know about the reality of your project is sign of trust towards your customers and/or users and a healthy iniative for a more fair and clean systems.
Using banking and another credit solutions that work with transparency, invest in ecological and fairtrade projects and use the money in a responsable way.
Contribute to build a better and fair environment from the social-economic activity.
Work with a responable perspective to the environment with the productions, trade and mobility. Use certified solutions.
Know and improve the needs of the reality of the near environment.