yellow square

TOTAL_283km. _3.314m.+ _max.high. 657m.
_102km. _595m.+ _max.high. 271m.
_111km. _1.663m.+ _max.high. 621m.
_70km. _1.056m.+ _max.high. 657m.





I departed the August, 7th direction Aguaviva.


First of all my grandpartents have a house in Cunit and I did haven’t seen my grondmother since I came back, so I supose I will have to begin from there. There is a lot of work to do, but this place it is amazing, it means came back to the origin for me. My grandpa prepare it for us and now the land it is fertile and you can easily take vegetable and fruits from the trees. You have also a lot of mountain and wood around. I have spent all my childhood summer vacation there. Living like a savage. It has change a lot, but for me it is a great place. It is my second home even it is not Miami Beach.
Nearby this villages there is a lot of things to explore, but one of the nicer ones is Mare de Déu de la Roca.


During the passed years I went with some friends to camp to L’Ametlla de Mar. I begin to apreciate nature there. Just make some fire and eat some grilled fish. It is a really nice place to discover. There is a path nearby the sea that you could walk and find some spots to enjoy the sea and freedom. Even it is not a desert island…just say hello if we find there sometime. The “Delta de l’Ebre” is a big nature park with a big varieaty of fauna and flora. If you like birds, you should go there.


Then I will ride direction Teruel. I want to arrive to Aguaviva. Not many people know about this place. But I did recieve a lot from there. That’s why I didn’t doubt for a second where I will go first in this new experience. As in many places nowadays there are small groups of people fighting for their own things. Trying to face big troubles with small voices. This is a platform fighting for not to destroy one of the things that make richer this area, its river.
Maybe it is seem it is not my trouble anymore, but during many years I thought I will spend there many time and I did spend sometime going round. That’s why I will try to show some of this nice spots. Just as the people who let me know about this place did and maybe at the same time make people notice of NOT RESPECTFUL SITUATION.



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