I leave Ofriniou beach full of energy again. With the feeling that only the law or the things that just happen could stop me.
Sometimes is a matter of trust/faith and is always in the brain. Everybody could do what I am doing, faster or slowly, taking more time in every lap, less or more km…I’m pretty sure, but it is all in the mind. Now I’m back.
It began to rain like crazy and I stopped in one of the multiple Kantinas you can find on the road. The people who was relaxing on the beach try to go away quickly.
There were this guys. Stucked with their car in the mood in the middle of a hill. They weren’t able to take it off, so I offered myself to help. We pushed the car and it moves…and that’s the funny thing…I didn’t do anything, but all three believe the car will move.
After we spend sometime talking and they invite me to a coffee. They were also from Serres, like Ritza and George…many people from there. Maybe it is a signal..I have to go one day.
So great this last days. I definitely have recovered myself. I did my record of km this day…I crossed Kavala and all the coast direction Komotini. There will be George waiting for me. The guys from Thessaloniki give me his contact and it couldn’t be better.
I like playmakers and his a good one. Playmakers are hard in mind, are the heart and brain of the team and overall they are not affraid to get smashed down a big tower when they have to go straight to the goal.
That is the secret to succeed.  Be a playmaker.
This days in Komotini are being like a holiday…a good weekend.  Good company, some party, good food, some reagee…and even played basketball after many years. I needed. Just enjoy a bit the trip with amazing people like George and his friends. I didn’t even mind to be Manolo ( for a couple of days.
Greek people love to argue…but George reminde something: You cannot argue with the truth.
See you soon.
These were my last days in Greece. It has been hard, because here in this islands there are mermaids singing for you…asking you to stay.
You should be crazy or maybe something wrong in your head if you don’t like Greece.
I have survived. I am full of energy again. I did realized the worst has allready passed…
I feel again the power that make me move…
I feel again that mixture of fear and excitement that brings the unknown.
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