20140516_072302 This is Massimo.  I have been very lucky. Even he got things to do, got to work early at next morning and I did changed my plans and arrived several days late, he let me stay alone at his place…with fully fridge and food to eat. He’s been so kind that I just can say thank you so much. 20140516_215009 I was supose to leave Cremona that same day, but I did have request Mina to couch me days before, we talked at last moment and I decided to take a day of rest in Cremona, city of violins. And I take it very seriously…she also got to go to work and let me her keys too… I did have the house all day for me. After have been almost 3 weeks on the street, seeing villages, crossing cities or being in the forest, I did spend all day like in my own apartment. Its been deleteful even all the fatigue come slowly and invaded me at the end of the day. I really need that, its been a kind of restart. I just share a few hours with Mina. This woman from Voghera, has lived in many cities here in Italia. She’s really brave, she’s got “balls”…big “pelotas” (let me say that). When she told me what she is working on now, I did get completely freeze. She works in a medical center, helping and trying to improve the life of people with mental problems. The thing is this center its like the last one, last step, where people who came in might not ever go out again. People with real mental illness. I don’t know if I could be able to do a thing like that…and have the strenght to go everyday to work. I think it should be so heavy. Thats why I admire her so much. People like her are the real heroes of the time.
She is also ending her tesis of antropology. It’s been a pity we could not have more time to share together. She’s for sure a very interesting woman, the huge collection of books in her apartment told me so. It will have been for sure very enriching experiencie sharing some days more with her, but she’s leaving too on trip for research to Armenia. Maybe another time. Thank you so much for open your house and heart.
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